Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent

Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent

Christian Wedding Image Source: Subtle and elegant, Christian weddings are a vision in monochrome, but the scenario is a little different as far as Christian weddings in India. Although the basic essence of the rituals is the same as that of a traditional Christian wedding, a host of ethnic Indian rituals have impacted almost all communities throughout the country. They are a fascinating blend of the minimal Hollywood style Christian wedding we see in the movies with adherence to pre and post wedding rituals that are essentially very Indian. Right from the wedding attires to the bridal jewelry, Indian Christian weddings are quite distinct from what we imagine. Matchmaking Matchmaking is prevalent in the Indian Christian communities and just like any other community in the country, arranged marriages are quite pervasive. Matches are generally arranged within the specific denominations of Christianity that either the bride or the groom belongs to. Once a preferred match is settled, the families meet and if everyone is satisfied, then the talks proceed. Very often than not, there is a courtship period, where the bride and the groom get to know each other.


History[ edit ] The Indian subcontinent has historically been home to a wide variety of wedding systems. Some were unique to the region, such as Swayamvara which was rooted in the historical Vedic religion and had a strong hold in popular culture because it was the procedure used by Rama and Sita. In a swayamvara, the girl’s parents broadcast the intent of the girl to marry and invited all interested men to be present in a wedding hall on a specific date and time.

Sometimes the father of the bride would arrange for a competition among the suitors, such as a feat of strength, to help in the selection process. The marriage of Dushyanta and Shakuntala was an example of this marriage. Manu and others attacked the Gandharva and other similar systems, decrying them as holdouts “from the time of promiscuity ” which, at best, were only suitable for small sections of society.

Although each store offers different types of jewelry based on preference and regional background, the main type bridal jewelry that these stores display are the mangalsutra/thali (one main symbol of marriage), long necklace sets, earrings, and gold bangles.

Kerala Weddings Kerela wedding Kerala is a beautiful amalgamation of three kinds of wedding rituals: Nair weddings, Syrian Christian, along with other Indian forms of weddings. It is interesting to see how each wedding is in some way similar to the other but, very different too. The exchange of trays marks the finalization of the match in case of Nair and other weddings while fixing of the church and taking permission from authorities marks the finalization in case of Christian weddings.

The Christian wedding marks its opening with an oil bath and sweet banana milk that both bride and bridegroom have. The bride then reaches the Church in the car sent by the bridegroom where they exchange their vows.

Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent

Parents also take advice from the brahman called ‘Jothidar’ in Tamil or ‘panthulu or siddanthi ‘ in Telugu and Kundali Milaan in northern India, who has details of many people looking to get married. Some communities, like the Brahmans in Mithila, use genealogical records “Panjikas” maintained by the specialists. Jatakam or Kundali is drawn based on the placement of the stars and planets at the time of birth. The maximum points for any match can be 36 and the minimum points for matching is

purpose of the Hindu marriage is to have sexual relations, continuity of race, and discharging of religion, and social duties In terms of the Hindu stages of life, marriage is the bride walks and mangalsutra, gold chains with black beads and yellow string necklace India Online Matchmaking Market. Uploaded by. kenresearch Dating and.

Admin Organized Marriages keep on being a standout amongst the most special and critical angles about the Indian culture even in 21st century. Indian guardians still want to pick marital counterparts for their kids planning to locate the most ideal match. However the undertaking of finding the ideal counterpart for their children and little girls now and again turns out to be to a great degree chaotic.

Along these lines the pretended by daily paper wedding advertisements have a noteworthy influence in advancing the idea of organized relational unions in the nation. In basic words wedding characterized publicizing lessens hardships looked by these guardians searching for potential marital matches. The web has changed the method for living. Nearly anything is accessible on the web. There are numerous online gateways extraordinarily intended for marriage destinations.

A great many appropriate profiles are accessible, both from nation and from people settled in various parts of the world. Group individuals can enlist in these online marriage destinations which are free of cost. These online wedding destinations on Our people group does not share profile data with other enlisted individuals. All the more, the online locales check the exactness of the enrolled individuals. Those marriage locales likewise offer various benefits for its top notch individuals like email alarms and so on.

The Newlyweds

The groom is Marathi and the bride is Gujarati, and the wedding was a mix of cultures of both states, not just the matrimony in Marathi community. It was an unforgettable experience for me as I tasted such delicious delicacies from both states. Such varied and lip-smacking menu is rarely found in one wedding. There was both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food, at separate counters.

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The Kapu Telugu matrimony rituals are very traditional. It is quite an elaborate affair and consists of several ceremonies and procedures over several days. The community also is referred to by its caste title Naidu, which means leader. The Simaneli sects of the Balija Naidus perform a ceremony called Krishnamma Pentalu a day before the wedding. It involves worshipping the soul of a married woman. This ceremony ensures that the forthcoming marriage will take place smoothly.

Marriage Rituals Marriage rituals are very traditional and have several meaning and symbolism attached to each and every event. There is emphasis on spirituality. The rites are conducted by a priest and in the presence of 5 elements which are considered auspicious. She carries some betel leaves, nuts, coconut, sandalwood and a red pumpkin. A curtain is placed between the bride and groom at the mandap, so that they do not see each other until the wedding is completed. This is done because the community believe the groom is a form of God.

Madhuparkam In this ceremony, the boy and the girl wear a white cotton dhoti and cotton sari with a red border. This symbolises that as two different ingredients mix together so should they as husband and a wife.

Christian Wedding

It saw some of the major South Indian stars like Chiranjeevi attend the function and highlighted Telugu weddings in a traditional yet modern way. Telugu weddings are full of fun, rituals and family togetherness which makes them a much awaited time for all families. Just like Allu Arjun Telugu grooms must follow certain etiquettes to ensure a smooth and wonderful wedding function.

The mangalsutra and vermilion are the symbols of fidelity and happiness, and define the marital status of the woman. Once married, the couple is blessed with a “rain” of rice as a symbol of prosperity.

He had a soft, cheerful face, a head of woolly curls, and a tendency to laugh at the wrong times. Everyone in Kakheri, his village in the northern Indian state of Haryana, believed him to be gone, perhaps abroad. But here he was, a handkerchief tied over his mouth as if he were a bandit, fleeing to the bus stop. Neetu was trim and stylish, and talked about Bollywood actors as though they were her next of kin.

When her mother and father went to bed, she went outside to retrieve the pills. A photograph of Sanjoy Sachdev, the chairman of the Love Commandos. When they reached Kakheri, they parked on an empty road and waited.

Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent

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However, it has spread its wings far and wide across the country and the globe. Traditionally, Naidu marriages were arranged through word of mouth through common relatives or friends in the community. Besides this, participation in social functions was enough to bring home a spate of proposals for eligible Brides and Grooms. However, in today’s fast-paced world, most of us barely have enough time to connect with the community. We bring you profiles of eligible Brides and Grooms in an easy-to-search format.

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