Hooking Better Lives

Hooking Better Lives

But for Ta-Nehisi Coates, it all comes down to race. Coates spoke to Rachel Martin of Morning Edition about that essay, which will be featured in the Atlantic’s October issue. The conversation focuses on why Coates thinks that Trump’s election was a direct response to having a black man occupy an office that was, up until Barack Obama, “reserved for white men. You don’t buy the argument that Donald Trump’s election was about the white working class in America feeling marginalized from a globalized workforce, from a globalized economy that had left them behind — and that that’s what was animating that demographic. Well, you know, it’s certainly true that the white working class feels that way. But anybody who wants to make a class-based argument must explain why the black working class, the Latino working class, didn’t break the same way. They are just as afflicted by forces of globalization and economic change, deindustrialization, et cetera.

Lockheed’s MQ-25 Tanker Drone Looks Impressive, But It’s Still Just A Paper Plane

Translation Main hatch is over the astronaut’s head And please try and remember that Rockets are not Arrows , there is no law that says the spacecraft has to be traveling in the direction its nose is pointing i. While the Polaris’ vector is a Hohmann transfer to Mars, no law of physics will prevent Tom Corbett from using the controls to make the ship’s nose point anywhere he pleases. So the Polaris is now traveling sideways through space, so what? For a given maneuver, the pilot will use the rotation control to aim the nose in the required direction.

The translation control is not needed for a burn, it generally is required only for a docking maneuver.

The hook mouth diameter is up to inches, which can be applied to a wider range of closet wardrobe rods. The hangers can save 80% of the wardrobe space and keep the clothes neat, no wrinkles. It is a perfect cloth organizer for closet ://

It imitates the emerging fly and the spinner form. It can imitate any mayfly by simply changing colors and sizes. Pull the wings up and apply floatant for a crippled dun Wings out body stuck in the shuck. Pull wings out flat and it becomes a spinner. Clip most of wing off, trim the tails back, sink it and it becomes a true emerger. A video and materials list is below. Hook — Daiichi or Tiemco fine wire scud hook, 14, 16 and Used for abdomen and tails as well as for fly construction.

Start thread one eye width behind hook eye and build a tight thread body all the way to the vertical on the hook bend. Wrap the thread back on itself as you hold the tag end in your left hand. Leave the tag end for the middle tail.

‘His Ideology Is White Supremacy’: Ta-Nehisi Coates On Donald Trump

RSS link Few topics send the media into a panic like the idea of hookup culture on college campuses. But are college students actually having more sex than their parents did a generation ago? Research suggests the answer is no.

Designing a spacecraft that can be adapted for several different missions is comparatively cheaper than what Larry Price, Orion deputy program at Lockheed, called “point design,” in which NASA.

But since becoming a movie star, Penn hasn’t starred in a TV project — until now, when he headlines a new, eight-hour drama series called The First, launching Friday on Hulu. And “launching” is the most appropriate word. Not only because Hulu, which rolls out most of its original shows, like The Handmaid’s Tale, in weekly installments, is making all of The First available at once — but also because it’s a fictional drama about space exploration, set in the near future of the s.

The First is all about the quest to launch the first manned spaceship to the planet Mars. Even more, it’s about the people who have decided to design or go on that mission — and their loved ones affected by that decision. The First is created by Beau Willimon , who adapted the British miniseries House of Cards for Netflix, and stayed with it for four seasons. Now, working with Hulu and Great Britain’s Channel 4, he’s produced a new drama series, whose characters are much more noble than venal.

Even when they don’t always do the right thing, they try to — and while they have flaws, they do their best to overcome them. That’s important in The First, because character is what this drama series is really focused on — not the science fiction aspects, which are done superbly but subtly. All slightly futuristic gimmicks, like self-driving vehicles and eyeglasses that share videos, are presented without calling attention to themselves.

This is, after all, only about 15 years in the future. And the spaceflight aspects, which you might presume would dominate this series, actually only bookend it. Instead, the core of The First is the relationship between Penn’s Tom Hagerty, a veteran astronaut and still-grieving widower, and his estranged daughter Denise, played by Anna Jacoby-Heron.


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May 01,  · The Mission Crit held its fourth annual race a week before Red Hook’s, and attracted some of the same riders. Zach Morvant, who competed at Mission and Red Hook.

This charming platformer took a familiar concept 3D platforming, like Super Mario 64 and adapted it to the VR medium with some really awesome results. Games like Edge of Nowhere push it to new heights by leveraging mechanics from other third-person adventure games, like Uncharted, and Moss uses a fixed camera angle and strong narrative-focus to hook players.

Rescue Mission aims to deliver. You might remember a similar and excellent tech demo experience from that game called Robot Rescue — this is the full version of that concept. At a recent pre-E3 demo event last month we got to try out the first hands-on demo of Astro Bot and came away impressed with how fun it was and excited to see more. Playroom VR was all about asymmetry, making things that the family could enjoy together.

So, we put it in last. Creating a full experience is something we always wanted to do anyway, then when the fans loved it and critics started talking about it, like the article you [UploadVR] wrote, we realized we should definitely make it a full game. In Moss, for example, Quill will wave at you and acknowledge your presence, but in Astro Bot you actually interact with the world.

During some segments I had to headbutt obstacles, or shoot a grappling hook and yank down structures, or even use the touch pad as a slingshot at the end of levels to send my little robot buddy flying. That totally changes how you perceive the world in a 3D platformer. So I see them as two different genres in a way.

Note to All Creatives: Marketing is Your Job

From Browser to System Compromise The winning submissions to Pwn2Own provided unprecedented insight into the state of the art in software exploitation. Kernel exploitation using the browser as an initial vector was a rare sight in previous contests. This presentation will detail the eight winning browser to super user exploitation chains 21 total vulnerabilities demonstrated at this year’s Pwn2Own contest.

We will cover topics such as modern browser exploitation, the complexity of kernel Use-After-Free exploitation, and the simplicity of exploiting logic errors and directory traversals in the kernel. We will analyze all attack vectors, root causes, exploitation techniques, and possible remediations for the vulnerabilities presented.

One of the most versatile transmissions in the last 20 years or so has been the Borg-Warner T-5 manual transmission. This five-speed unit was used as original equipment by several manufacturers and can be easily adapted into older muscle cars as well.

Gun Design Books and Resources Revision 1. Introduction to the Firearms Design Library For something that has been so fundamental to the human race for so long, gun design has a rather anemic bibliography. But almost immediately, Forgotten Weapons had a post offering technical notes by John G. No one of us is as knowledgable as all of us together, after all.

We will note the Revision and Revision Date of the document at the top. IV, which contains extensive design information in Part X. These are widely available as somewhat scroungy. The books as a whole provide a history of rapid fire small arms, as well as design information current to the World War II period. Balleisen was an Army Ordnance officer, and wrote: The purpose of this book is to expound the concept that an automatic firearm is a piece of machinery operating in accordance with well-known laws of physics and hence capable of being analyzed and designed in accordance with common engineering practice.

LEGO City Jungle Explorers Jungle Halftrack Mission 60159

The Brown Studio Bike Station is an inventive new company that specializes in bike storage for transit hubs. It was built as a prefabricated module that could be mass produced and easily adapted to various locations. The materiality and structure emphasizes the technology driven branding of the company. It led to an exploration in material density, overlap, and patterning from which the final products emerged. Both pieces display a frenetic overlapping of material that serves as a visual barrier and a graphic element.

Kids love being independent and doing things for themselves, but growing up takes time so it will be a while until they’re big enough to use things designed for grown ups! Wouldn’t it be great if you could give them more freedom and independence by adapting little things around the home. With a pack.

Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Field Assistance in Science and Technology-Center’s modified “batwing” design provides multiple tools for remote counter-improvised explosive device operations, including a hook for grabbing or cutting command wire, a rake for breaking up soil, and a spade for moving and digging up items. May 8, — U. Army engineers in Afghanistan recently designed and fabricated a tool to help Soldiers investigate possible improvised explosive devices from a safer distance.

The iRobot’s explosive ordnance disposal capabilities were limited, requiring Soldiers to operate close to the potential hazards. The forward deployed engineering cell from the U. It is a collapsible hook that attaches to a telescoping pole for interrogating a site believed to contain explosives.

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That stealthy aircraft was dubbed the Sea Ghost and was a substantial outgrowth of the company’s proven RQ Sentinel design , upscaled and refined for naval operations and the penetrating strike and reconnaissance mission. It’s possible, if not outright probable that a similar aircraft exists but in a non-navalized form in the classified world. The Sea Ghost design was dropped after the Navy dumbed-down its carrier-based drone requirement to a tanker with limited surveillance capability—and one that didn’t have to penetrate into contested territory at all.

As such, stealth requirements were jettisoned. The company seems to have decided that a flying wing design with a dorsal inlet was still the best answer for the carrier-borne tanker requirement.

Mission to the Red Planet, a self-contained activity Mars. The goal of this activity is to use the excitement of Mars exploration as the “hook” for getting your students interested in the process of design, engineering, and technology. The activity is intended for students in grades As your students design their mission to Mars, you.

Located just steps from the ocean and pristine beaches. Projects take place at different locations around the island. Transportation on The Pines is via foot on boardwalks. Steiner utilizes constructions of photography, video, installation, collage, collaboration, performance, writing and curatorial work as seductive tropes channeled through the sensibility of a skeptical queer eco-feminist androgyne. Steiner is based in Los Angeles and New York.

His work is currently included in Human Interest: Tcherepnin operates at intersections of sound, sculpture, and theater. Attaching computers and amplifiers to small surface transducers—devices that convert electrical signals into vibrations—he orchestrates complex multi-channel compositions in which objects are transformed into speakers. Humor, pathos and the uncanny emerge as central modes in a hybrid media practice that seeks to re-work relationships between fiction and document, the real and the hyper-real, narrative time and the synchronic time of impulse.

She was a contributing writer, performer and costumer on the feature film By Hook or By Crook. He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in

CCN Hook sling mission

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