Marijuana in China

Marijuana in China

Great hook and strong too. Caught my personal best of 5. Even when my buddy and I got caught up in the trees we were able to get the hooks out and they still stayed sharp to catch more fish. Weed guard do their job unless its heavy cover but I’m not complaining. These hooks get em and hold em. Is that that tough to make a wacky rig hook that works. I’ve been using the gamakatsu hook and the guard is worthless! I caught an 8lb. It came through cover great.

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This sounds wild, but I have seen it work. The hollow tube that runs even with the hook can be used to tie a stinger and run a second, smaller wacky worm. I like a regular zoom trick worm up top with a smaller zoom finesse worm below. Works amazing on bedding fish and in clearer waters, try it. Also works fine with a normal hook this was just the first hook I tried the setup on.

Marijuana in China still has a long way to go, Especially in politics, may the legalization of marijuana need longer time than alcohol and tobacco hook up for some weed. hook up for Top shelf marijuana. dorja January 31, at pm. Hey! I am in Dali and everybody says that is easy to get weed here but we looking for couple of days.

Contact Us Carp Hook Tactics With so many different sizes of hooks available it can be a difficult decision to know what size would be needed for which baits. Most carp fishing tactics today require the angler to hide the rig end tackle. The same is true with hook, the more it is hidden the better our chance of a take. So what tactics can we implement to help cover up the hook, well we could start by using the smallest hook we can comfortably get away with for the size of the hook bait.

Remember, a larger hook is not just more visible to the carp it will also weigh more. We may not notice this much but carp have sharper senses than humans and could make the difference between a fish dropping the bait and taking it with confidence. The only downside to using a smaller hook is a reduced hooking potential , being harder to set the hook in the mouth.

There is also more chance the fish could eject the hook successfully after a take, even when using a blow back rig.


Torching weeds saves time, effort, and protects the environment from herbicide contamination. Propane torches burn at an intense 2, degrees Fahrenheit and they need less than a second to destroy a plant. The extreme heat causes plant cells to rupture. The plant may not burn up noticeably in such a short amount of time, but it will droop and die by the next day. Green thumbs recommend leaving the weed to compost on the spot.

Kill weeds with fire Interested in this technique?

Hook has a sproat (circular) bend, ringed eye, bronzed finish and plain hook shank. Light wire weed guard keeps your bait from hanging up in brush. Light wire weed guard keeps your bait from hanging up in .

Pro Tips When fishing rivers and streams, always fish with the current. This provides a natural presentation. Fish relate to cover. This includes weed edges, stumps, fallen trees, boat docks, and rocks. Find these structures and fish will be nearby. Periodically, check the point on your hook. Wood, rocks, and even many caught fish will dull hooks. If hook is not sharp, either replace or re-sharpen. Periodically, check the end of your line at the hook by running the line through your thumb and forefinger.

If line feels nicked or frayed, cut above the abrasions and retie. This will prevent unexpected break-offs.

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Wayne and I both fish Briery Creek Reservoir quite often and this is a tactic that works excellent there. The basic wacky rig is quite simple. All you do is take a soft plastic bait such as a soft stick bait, or finesse worm, and hook it through the egg sac like in this picture. To fish the wacky rig all you do is cast it to the location you expect fish to be holding on like a grass edge, stump, dock, etc… and allow it to sink to the bottom.

Hooking the bait like this causes the bait to have a unique wobbling motion as it drops which just slays the fish. Quite often the fish will hit the bait on this initial drop so be prepared.

Finding a “weed guy” is an entirely fundamental part of cannabis culture. If you want to smoke you’ve got to have your hook up. Every once in a while a weed guy goes big

Pinterest How to travel with weed How are stoners supposed to get their stash to their destination without facing potential pot charges? Mat Lee explains how to travel with weed In these epic, modern times we live in, with flying metal canisters filled with humans rushing from state to state, country to country on important business, or seeking pleasure.

With so much global jetsetting, how the hell are stoners getting their stash to the destination without facing serious potential charges? A lot of people ask a lot of questions about this sort of stuff. Things like can you bring a vape on a plane, how many ounces can you fly with, how sketchy is it in the real world traveling with weed? How the fuck did all these vapes get on this motherufucking plane! The easiest way right now seems to be flying with vape pen in tow.

How to travel with weed on a plane We here at Stuff Stoners Like should mention that any trouble you may find yourself in because you got caught trying to figure out how to fly with weed, is your bad. I do however, hate having to find the weed hook up when I go to different places. Traveling with weed in your dope weed carrying case, or trying to bring weed on a plane could mean the difference between a productive, fun trip, and a trip spent butt hugging the great porcelain goddess of wonder.

I think a lot of this depends on how lowkey you are, how well you can keep your shit together under any sort of stress you might come into contact with while trying to fly these friendly skies, and how cool your state is as far as legal medicinal or recreational marijuana goes. Some of it too, as much as we may not like to admit it, has to do with dumb luck. Except to find loopholes and exploit the fuck out of them.

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Monday, June 24, by Jessica Booth Source: ShutterStock If you smoke marijuana, does that mean you have more sex than other people? Does smoking weed make you sleep around? According to one new study , yes — new research links marijuana to casual sexual encounters. They re-interviewed the students once a month for eight months and found that students were more likely to casually hook up if they also smoked weed.

bud is about to be straight up legel out here loli believe it. thats the natue of the game out here. people will sell you some shit out a tree.

Customer Review Guidelines Comments: This bait has great action but it has a problem with hook-ups. This problem occurs because the two hook are closer together than on a regular hollow bodied frog. Two hook together are harder to drive through a fish’s mouth than one–more typical on most frogs. Nonetheless, the Demon will raise more fish than most frogs under the right conditions. So how do we fix this?

College Women Who Smoke Marijuana Are More Likely To Hook Up, Study Finds

Aug 10, Photo: The only downside to them, however, is how easily they snag wooden cover like brush piles, laydowns or docks. Although he was reluctant about it, Scroggins has agreed to share his process after a few years of keeping this tackle tweak hidden from the public eye. Advertisement The thought process behind it Photo: Luke Stoner Being a Florida native and no stranger to fishing lakes with an excess amount of grass, Scroggins fishes with a Chatterbait very regularly.

 · The powerful tool can handle almost anything. The 31″ long, ergonomic Ash handle and heavy duty steel head of this Long Handled Slash Hook make for

Fielder, the study’s lead author, said in a statement Wednesday. The study, titled “Predictors of Sexual Hookups: A Theory-Based, Prospective Study of First-Year College Women,” surveyed incoming first-year female college students several times over eight months. It was published in May in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, an academic journal.

Fielder worked on the research as a doctoral student at Syracuse University with Michael Carey, a Syracuse psychology professor during the research now at Brown University. They defined a hook up as sex between partners who “are not in a committed relationship” and “the interaction is short-term and does not signify that a romantic relationship will begin,” reports The Daily Orange, the Syracuse student newspaper.

Women who smoked weed and binge-drank alcohol were more likely to engage in oral sex in a hook up situation than women who did not smoke pot or binge-drink. Marijuana consumers had vaginal sex hook ups more often than women who did not smoke pot, according to the study. About one-quarter of all women surveyed had at least one hook up involving either oral sex or vaginal sex during their first year at college, according to an abstract of the study.

Pre-college hook ups were the strongest indicator that women would engage in casual sex during their first year of college, according to the study. Other factors increasing the likelihood of hooking up included impulsivity, sensation-seeking, alcohol use, “social comparison orientation” and situational triggers.

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Transitioning a purely sexual relationship to a dating relationship is not an impossible task, but it does require that you and your partner both be on the same page. Understanding the Status Quo No two relationships are identical and the same can be said for hook ups. Before approaching your partner about the possibility of starting a dating relationship, you should first examine the nature of your hook ups.

Do you and your partner go out on dates, or date-like activities, or do you only contact each other when seeking sex? Have you discussed the possibility of pursuing a relationship in the past? If your previous discussions have ruled out the idea of pursuing a dating relationship, you may have to sell your partner on the idea of dating versus being purely sexual with one another.

Jul 25,  · Hey man, can you hook me up with some weed? Usage notes. The sexual sense of hook up is subject to considerable variation between speakers, with some using it to refer exclusively to sexual intercourse and others using it to mean make out or .

This gives you a lively bait for attracting a customer…Mr. Start by firmly gripping the shiner without squeezing him. Think of a shiner like a squirming baby. There are two theories on how to hook up a shiner: Rig the shiner so the hook comes through the nostril port Rig him so the hook comes out just in front of the nostril I believe in the latter because you want the hook to rip out of the shiner when you set the hook.

If you go through the nostril, your hook is circled by bone making it harder to get the hook to release the shiner when you set. Why is this important? When the hook is set you want it to 1 rip out of the shiner so the hook point is free and can penetrate the fish and 2 prevent him from using the shiner as leverage to throw the hook.

Marijuana in China

How much you exercise and sweat Your weed detoxification efforts All of these individually can have a large impact on your marijuana detox duration. Detoxing from weed serves the purpose of flushing the body of THC and its detectable metabolites. This speeds up the possible withdrawal period and also allows you to pass a drug test a lot sooner than if you were not actively trying to detox.

Finding a “weed guy” is an entirely fundamental part of cannabis culture. If you want to smoke you’ve got to have your hook up. Every once in a while a weed guy .

High rip current risk remains in effect through this afternoon The high threat of rip currents continues through this afternoon. Minor flooding along area beaches may occur. Steady periods of water at the dunes may occur. Water may flood portions of Laguna shores drive in Flour Bluff. Low lying areas along the bays may experience minor flooding The surf is expected to become dangerous for all levels of swimmers.

There is a high risk of rip currents.


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