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Michael Waters Advertisement Some 15, years ago early nomadic North Americans had already set up camp near Buttermilk Creek in central Texas’s hill country, where they left behind impressive array of stone tools and artifacts. Such an old habitation predates the widespread toolmaking tradition known as Clovis, which spread across the continent some 12, to 13, years ago and was once thought to mark the first wave of settlers in the Americas.

The area where the tools were found, northwest of Austin, must have been an appealing campsite for millennia, because it bears a record of nearly continuous occupation from 15, years ago. The discovery is detailed in a new study , published online March 24 in Science. When the makers of these tools were using the site from 15, to 13, years ago , the region would have been slightly cooler than it is today, probably by an average of about 5 to 6 degrees Celsius—”rather amiable at that time period,” Lee Nordt, of Baylor University’s Department of Geology and co-author of the new study, said in a press briefing on Wednesday.

With the rich hill country around them, “it’s not surprising people came back time and time again.

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The findings , published in the journal Science Advances, suggest humans occupied the North American continent prior to Clovis — considered the first culture to use projectile points to hunt on the continent, and dated to around 11, years ago. Stone tool assemblage recovered from the Gault site, Texas: For decades, scientists believed the Western Hemisphere was settled by humans roughly 13, years ago, a theory based largely upon the widespread distribution of Clovis artifacts dated to that time.

Excavations below the Clovis deposits revealed well-stratified sediments containing artifacts — called Gault Assemblage — distinctly different from Clovis. The finds include small projectile point technology, biface stone tools, blade-and-core tools, and flake tools. Williams and co-authors compared Gault artifacts to Clovis tools and found that the blade-and-core traditions, in particular, are similar to Clovis blade-and-cores meaning they continued into the time of Clovis , but biface traditions underwent significant changes in the Clovis level.

Based on optically stimulated luminescence dating, the Gault Assemblage sediment samples are approximately 16, , years old. Science Advances 4 7:

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This term is used for the earliest phases of human occupation in North America. The opening date of the period is in theory fixed by whatever the earliest evidence of human occupation is. This continues to be pushed earlier and is an object of continuing disagreement because of the ambiguity of most of the earliest evidence.

Click here for a frivolous poem on the subject. Click here for a discussion of the Beringia routes from Asia to North America. Small foraging bands; open sites; spear hunting. It would presumably have been created by a pre-modern Human species that did not migrate to the New World, but suggests that modern humans could have lived in Siberia at any later time and could have crossed to the New World whenever conditions were right for the occupation of Beringia.

However recent advances in our understanding of the history of atmospheric carbon and its effects on the Carbon record based on ice cores and various ocean sediments strongly suggest that the more accurate date for the first appearance of Clovis probably falls in the range of 11, , , and that the period during which Clovis points were produced may be limited to about two hundred years.

Return to table of contents. The term BM1 is no longer used. It was originally proposed for all pre-agricultural human societies of the Southwest. The term “Desert Archaic” now covers the societies that existed after the end of the era of big game hunting at the end of the Paleo-Indian period. Some recent authors prefer to extend this period to AD Most writers regard this as an early phase of BM2, since there is little abrupt transition between this and the following phase.

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Description[ edit ] Clovis points from the Rummells-Maske Cache Site, Iowa Clovis points are thin, fluted projectile points created using bifacial percussion flaking that is, each face is flaked on both edges alternatively with a percussor. Clovis points are characterized by concave longitudinal shallow grooves called “flutes” on both faces one third or more up from the base to the pointed tip; The grooves may have permitted the points to be fastened hafted to wooden spears , dart shafts or foreshafts of wood, bone, etc.

Clovis points could also have been hafted as knives whose handles also served as removable foreshafts of a spear or dart. This hypothesis is partly based on analogy with aboriginal harpoons that had tethered foreshafts Cotter There are numerous examples of post-Clovis era points that were hafted to foreshafts, but there is no direct evidence that Clovis people used this type of technological system. Specimens are known to have been made of flint , chert , jasper , chalcedony and other stone of conchoidal fracture.

Ivory and bone atlatl hooks of Clovis age have been archaeologically recovered. Known bone and ivory tools associated with Clovis archaeological deposits are not considered effective foreshafts for projectile weapons. The idea of Clovis foreshafts is commonly repeated in the technical literature despite the paucity of archaeological evidence. The assembled multiple piece spear or dart could have been thrown by hand or with the aid of an atlatl spear thrower. Age and cultural affiliations[ edit ] Whether Clovis toolmaking technology was native to the Americas or originated through influences from elsewhere is a contentious issue among archaeologists.

Lithic antecedents of Clovis points have not been found in northeast Asia , from where the first human inhabitants of the Americas are believed by the majority of archaeologists to have originated. Strong similarities with points produced by the Solutrean culture in the Iberian peninsula of Europe have been noted, leading to the controversial Solutrean hypothesis , that the technology was introduced by hunters traversing the Atlantic ice-shelf, meaning some of the first American humans were European.

Around 10, radio carbon years before present , a new type of fluted projectile point called Folsom appeared in archaeological deposits, and Clovis-style points disappeared from the continental United States.

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In fall of , the Round Up cut back its printing frequency and now provides current online news coverage as well as special print editions. The magazine also curates a Black Voices series on its website. The broadcast is produced by New Mexico State University journalism students. Kokopelli provides breaking news, features and weekly sports coverage during the nine-month academic year.

Kokopelli is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press. Victory Bell[ edit ] Goddard Hall In the s, the Victory Bell, a gift of the Class of , was housed in an open-sided structure on the Horseshoe and rung to announce Aggie victories.

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For more recent updates on the weather in the Northeast, visit our Live Blog. A powerful storm system began gathering strength over the southern Plains on Friday as tornadoes, flooding and blizzard conditions impacted the south-central United States this weekend. Several tornadoes touched down around the Dallas area, causing significant damage which resulted in numerous fatalities. Over 10 inches of rain fell across portions of the Missouri Valley, causing significant street and river flooding.

Blizzard conditions impacted New Mexico and western Texas during the weekend, producing snowfall totals over a foot in some places and snow drifts up to 8 feet. Snowy, icy conditions possible across southern Ontario, Ontario reports. More than 22, Indiana Michigan Power customers are without power as a result of the winter storm, the utility reports.


A small wooden scallop trawler was dredging the seafloor off the coastline of Chesapeake Bay, when he hit a snag. When he pulled up his net, he found a 22, year-old mastodon skull and a flaked blade made of a volcanic rock called rhyolite. A report in Live Science says that the combination of the finds may suggest that people lived in North America, and possibly butchered the mastodon, thousands of years before people from the Clovis culture, who are widely thought to be the first settlers of North America and the ancestors of all living Native Americans.

Most researchers believe the first Americans crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia about 15, years ago and quickly colonized North America. Artifacts from these ancient settlers, who have been named the Clovis culture after one of the archaeological sites in Clovis, New Mexico, have been found from Canada to the edges of North America.

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He didn’t resist,” police chief says Clovis, New Mexico CNN A gunman walked into a public library in eastern New Mexico on Monday afternoon and opened fire, killing two employees there. The gunman was arrested without firing anymore shots, according to police. Read More “He gave up. Police arrested high-schooler Nathaniel Jouett, 16, who is expected to face first-degree murder charges. Prosecutors said Tuesday they intend to seek adult criminal charges against Jouett, who they say shot and killed two library employees, Wanda Walters, 61, and Kristina Carter, Three adults and a year-old child were also wounded.

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He will appear in juvenile court later this week. Stevens said she received a Snapchat from Jouett the afternoon of the shooting, saying he would be over to her house at 4: But when news of the shooting hit, and Jouett was nowhere to be found, she rushed over to the Jouett house. Police wouldn’t confirm where the guns used in the crime came from, saying that’s part of the investigation.

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This amber disk from Hamburg-Meiendorf engraved with a horse head can be interpreted as an amulet. Different images are suggested by the other lines. Artist unknown, display at the museum Photo right:

Nov 28,  · Blueprints For Storage Shed 12 X 16 Avg Cost Of Backyard Shed Clovis Nm How Building 7 Really Did Fall On 9 11 Easy Sliding Barn Door Plans Best Barn Designs And Plans cost to build a 10×16 shed # Try out your skills of improvisation and creativity previously choice of the most extremely fundamental level for an outlined product.

Said another way, this Clovis child was a descendant, along with Native people today, of the original migrants from Asia who crossed the Bering Strait. This paper, over 50 pages including supplemental material, is behind a paywall but it is very worthwhile for anyone who is specifically interested in either Native American or ancient burials.

First, it marks what I hope is perhaps a spirit of cooperation between genetic research and several Native tribes. Second, it utilized new techniques to provide details about the individual and who in world populations today they most resemble. Third, it utilized full genome sequencing and the analysis is extremely thorough. The Clovis are defined as the oldest widespread complex in North America dating from about 13, to 12, calendar years before present. The Clovis culture is often characterized by the distinctive Clovis style projectile point.

Until this paper, the origins and genetic legacy of the Clovis people have been debated. These remains were recovered from the only known Clovis site that is both archaeological and funerary, the Anzick site, on private land in western Montana. Therefore, the NAGPRA Act does not apply to these remains, but the authors of the paper were very careful to work with a number of Native American tribes in the region in the process of the scientific research.

Anzick, a geneticist and one of the authors of the paper, is a member of the Anzick family whose land the remains were found upon. The tribes did not object to the research but have requested to rebury the bones.

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